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May 25th 2013 - plan for your goals and different strategies to sell and hold your property depending on what your goals are. 10 other questions from listeners answered. With Tyler Elstrom and Rowena Patton

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 11. Selling Your Home in a Buyer's Market - Do Something Different!

November 26th. Rowena Patton,CEO Patton Property Group, Nadine Maltz, Listing Director, Patton Property Group, Derek Prickett, New American. No more "real estate as usual". Listen in to hear unique and innovative techniquest for getting your home sold, A sign outside and a lock box on the door is likely not enough in this market. The good news is that by investing a relatively small amount in the preparation for sale, you can greatly increase:

- The speed at which it sells

- The amount of money you get for it

- Your peace of mind with a transaction that is more likely to come to fruition.

November 19, 2011 PODCAST

10. Vacation and Second Homes, and Fractional Ownership

November 19th. Rowena Patton, Katharina Johnson, Stefanie Beierschmitt, Derek Prickett, Mark Johnson (Home Watch Services), Mark Peterson, Luxury Living Group. What should you look out for, what types of properties are available and how can you have peace of mind when owning a "lock and go". What is Fractional ownership all about? Census bureau states 3%of homes or so are second homes. 3.9% in the Carolinas - we are one of the main destinations for second homes.Useful links: Vacation Homes, Fractional Ownership, Private Residence Clubs, Homes with Clubhouse - often an indicator of a home that is more suitable for a "lock and go", Condos in downtown Asheville NC. - a service for monitoring homes

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November 12th, 2011

Plain English Real Estate Show with Rowena Patton

9.  Remodeling Your Home or a Fixer Upper - what do you have to consider. 203k Loans

November 12th. Rowena Patton, Sean Sullivan, (Livingstone Construction), Derek Prickett, (New American), Nadine Maltz, Home Selling specialist Broker, Robbie Eckley, Manager at Fergusons and Holly Ray, Appraiser. What things you need to think about - top ten lists of things to consider, 203k loan.

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November 5, 2011

Plain English Real Estate Show with Rowena Patton

8. Cash in Your Investments and Buy a Second Home or Condo. Really?

 November 5th. Rowena Patton, Mike Blanton (Financially Speaking) Derek Prickett, (New American) Jacob Lions, Gwen Bowers, Buyer Expert Broker,  Should you cash in your 401k, and other investments to purchase a condo?

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October 29, 2011

Plain English Real Estate Show with Rowena Patton

7. Building and/or Renovating a Home in the Mountains

October 29. Sean Sullivan,  Austin Boleman, Holly Ray, Andrew Evans (TD Bank) Derek Prickett, Katharina Johnson, Jacob Lions. What do you need to consider when building a home in the mountains - what are the special considerations.


6. Short Sales and other Opportunities for buyers to get a great deal

October 22. Sam Iden is our special guest from Wilde Law firm, discussing short sales and Rowena Patton and the Posse weigh in with other possibilities. Maureen Cunningham, Appraiser,  Jacob Lions, Derek Prickett (New American)   Foreclosures and short sales. This is the famous show with the weather channel's newscaster saying "crappy weather" at around minute 30. Lot's more interesting angles too!

Is a short sale the way to go? Are short sales really a bargain? How do short sales compare to foreclosures, motivated sellers and homes listed below appraisal?

October 22, 2011

Plain English Real Estate Show with Rowena Patton

5. Creative Financing and offering a Lease Purchase Option

October 15th. Rowena Patton, Lynda Hartwell, Derek Prickett, (New American), Holly Ray, Appraiser, Scott Raines. The pitfalls and the gains. Other ways to look for financing such as owner financing and how to find those homes

October 15, 2011

Plain English Real Estate Show with Rowena Patton

October 8, 2011

Plain English Real Estate Show with Rowena Patton

4. How to Market Your Home - OR business! Creative Searching Tools for Buyers to Find Better Bargains

Rowena Patton, Stefanie Beierschmitt, Scott Raines, Sean Sullivan calling in from The Parade Of Homes

 3. Get That Home Sold! Get Creative and forget Old Fashioned Real Estate

October 1st 2011. Rowena Patton, Nadine Maltz, Listing Director at Patton Property Group, Holly Ray, Appraiser, Austin Boleman, Affordable Inspections, Katharina Johnson, Buyer Broker Specialist, Scott Raines  - Our Certified PPG Listings - how to get your home sold by offering a home 'below appraisal', pre-inspecting and offering a home warranty - why it is so important. Listen to understand why this marketing approach works

October 1, 2011

Plain English Real Estate Show with Rowena Patton

 2. Communities in the Mountains - what are the pros and cons of living in a community? Home owner Associations.

September 24th - Rowena Patton, Michael McDonogh, Austin Boleman, (Affordable Inspections), Stefanie Beierschmitt,  Buyer Broker Specialist, Scott Raines. This show is in four parts as I was experimenting with how to get the shows recorded! This week's show focuses on Communities - what are the pros and cons of living in a community?

September 24, 2011

Plain English Real Estate Show with Rowena Patton

1. RADON , Do We Need to Be Concerned? 

Show Number One - We have Lift Off!

September 17th, our first show.

Rowena Patton, Austin Boleman, Affordable Inspections. Katharina Johnson, Buyer Broker expert, Scott Raines, Holly Ray, Appraiser. First show, a nervous and excited Ro figures out buttons and what it means to keep the show on track with timing, and taking questions. She'll get the hang of it! Great posse team give their suggestions, ideas and comments. Kathleen Miller calls in.

Play the video on left to hear the show.

See transcription of the show here

September 17, 2011 Podcast WWNC



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