Real Estate Market Statistics for Western North Carolina

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Asheville_MLS - Available vs Pending Listings
Asheville_MLS - Sold vs Expired Listings
Asheville_MLS - Sold vs Active DOM
Asheville_MLS - Median Sold Prices (last 6 mos.)
Asheville_MLS - Median Sold DOM (last 6 mos.)


Please note that figures are given as examples only, are approximate and should not be relied upon for buying or selling decisions. The table below shows number of homes sold by type -

  • number of Asheville single family homes sold,
  • number of Asheville Condos sold,
  • and number of Asheville townhomes sold,
  • along with percentage change in terms of volume for each year.
  • The numbers shown on this first table are for all counties reported on the Asheville MLS.

Number of single family homes sold in Asheville NC by PRICE RANGE

The numbers shown on this first table are for all counties reported on the Asheville MLS. 


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